Pakistan\'s First Female Architect

Yasmeen Lari

Pakistan's First Female Architect

Yasmin Lari is the first female architect of Pakistan. Graduating from the Oxford School of Architecture in 1964, Yasmin returned to Pakistan and opened Lari Associates with her husband. Since then, she has worked on huge projects including the Finance and Trade Center, PSO Headquarters and the Naval Officers Housing in Karachi. Yasmin also founded the Heritage Foundation of Pakistan to carry out the preservation and restoration of historical sites. After the 2005 earthquake, Lari designed a bamboo shelter system that would allow cheap shelters to be built without compromising on the strength of the structure. After the destruction caused by floods in 2010, she helped the local communities build new, waterproof houses and has successfully built over 36,000 houses to date. Yasmin has also received several awards for her work including the UN Recognition Award (2002) for the promotion of Culture and Peace and the Sitara-e-Imtiaz (2006).